Female’s brush with death highlights concerns over discount rate weight-loss surgeries in Mexico

< div data-page=1 data-page-hidden= 0 data-use-autolinker=false > A current claim declares some Americans were lured to Mexico for weight-loss surgical treatments that turned out to be dangerous or even lethal. 4 individuals from Arizona are taking legal action against three physicians in Mexico who carried out surgeries in addition to business in the U.S., which they declare set up for those surgeries and referred the patients to those physicians.

CBS News

Diana Thomas fought with her weight for years, at one point reaching 290 pounds.

“I have actually been obese considering that I was 16,” Thomas informed CBS News’ Anna Werner. “My weight was eliminating me and I had to do something about it.”

Her physician recommended gastric sleeve surgical treatment, a treatment where a surgeon removes some 80 percent of the stomach. Individuals consume less, and drop weight. But it can cost up to $20,000 in the U.S. and Thomas’ work insurance coverage didn’t cover it. She discovered an online business, Weight Loss Representatives, providing to help individuals get the treatment in Tijuana for $5,000, with a medical professional named Mario Almanza. She states she and her hubby did their research study.

“So we were comfy in the truth with exactly what we understood. It’s exactly what we didn’t understand that would have stopped me entirely,” Thomas said.

What they didn’t understand? That some clients who have actually gone to Mexico have actually suffered major repercussions, stated Dr. Samer Mattar, president of the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgical treatment, the largest society of bariatric cosmetic surgeons in the United States

“They are brought in there due to the fact that of deep discount rates to have these operations there,” Mattar said. “Unfortunately, some of them come back with problems that we need to take care of.”
6 days after surgical treatment, back in the U.S., Thomas ended up in an emergency situation space where medical professionals found she had a hole– a leak– in her stomach sleeve, and a lethal infection. They called her household to her bedside.

“I was scared to death,” she said. “I simply hoped that they would make it in time so I might tell them I liked them and provide my last hug.” Thomas did not sue Dr. Almanza but four Arizona homeowners have actually now filed a class-action lawsuit versus Dr. Almanza, 2 other Mexico-based doctors and associated U.S. business, accusing them of fraud, and saying they concealed “the dangers and dangers connected with having bariatric surgeries carried out in Tijuana.” Weight-loss Agents is not called in the lawsuit.


Dr. Mario Almanza and CBS News’ Anna Werner inside Almanza’s surgery center in Tijuana, Mexico. CBS News We needed to know exactly what Dr.

Almanza had to say. He consented to talk with us, so we headed to Tijuana to his center. He states he does between five and 10 surgeries a day and we fulfilled patients like Arizona’s Doug Taylor and his other half Happiness. They both had the surgery after medical professionals in the U.S. informed Happiness she wasn’t heavy sufficient to qualify. They paid simply roughly $3,600 apiece.

“We discovered this location and we simply said, let’s go all out!” Doug Taylor stated.

Dr. Almanza informed us he’s a credentialed cosmetic surgeon, with an issue rate of less than two percent.

“My work is– is professional,” Dr. Almanza said.

“Individuals say that their surgical treatments were not done correctly. Were the surgeries done properly?” Werner asked. “Yeah,” he responded. All of the surgical treatments are done well before this, he informed us. We have procedures and we don’t jump steps.

CBS News

And exactly what of the suit? He claims a former worker attempted to blackmail him, then provided some of his previous patients $500 each to grumble about him.He informed Werner there was a campaign in opposition of me to remove my status.

However we also discovered 2 families who say their liked ones died after surgeries by Dr. Almanza. Their deaths also referenced in that suit.

It might have been comprised by the patients, Dr. Almanza informed us. He says he hasn’t seen death certificates to prove they passed away from his surgical treatments.

And exactly what about Diana Thomas? He claims she too was bribed. Thomas says it’s absurd– $500, she states, would not have actually made a dent in her $300,000 in medical costs, costs that forced her to state bankruptcy.

“My hope is to bring awareness to exactly what can occur … I want him stopped, since it’s not simply me.”

Weight-loss Representatives says it has no legal ties to Dr. Almanza’s medical practice but assists with scheduling, transport, and other services. It states safe treatment is its “vital goal” for clients and it warns clients of possible dangers. Another physician named in that lawsuit informed CBS News having it in Mexico was an advantage since individuals are desperate and often can’t manage it in the United States



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